Handmade from old, vintage & pieces of designer fabrics:

Braquenié, Pierre Frey, Liberty, Morris & Co, Tassinari & Chatel, Fortuny, Sanderson, Nina Campbell, Jean Monroe, Penny Morrison, Boussac and more

Created & crafted by VANDRUNICK

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vandrunick homepagina november 2023
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'Untouched' vintage designer fabrics

Handmade in the Netherlands

Made with love

Timeless patterns and old classic colours

Latest products in the Collection

  • La Fougère / The Fern (Pierre Frey)


  • Fishes


  • Shells (Pierre Frey)

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  • Sunny (Pierre Frey)


What customers say about us

It started with two cushions and now I already have five. They are of very good quality, beautifully made and every detail is correct. The fabrics are unique, really special.



With love and an eye for details, Mickey and Margriet turn every cushion purchase into a true celebration! Real eye-catchers, both indoors and outdoors.”



They are not only beautiful, but also functional. They keep their shape and color, even though the beautiful pillows are also used for sleeping. I'm happy with it!"



Love & Relove

It is our pleasure to share our love for old fabrics with you! Old fabrics are often made from high-quality raw materials, which is why they keep their shape and look beautiful to this day.

The designs and colors have proven to be timeless. At VANDRUNICK we are always looking for the most beautiful fabrics. Once the cushions of a certain print have been used up, you can no longer order them.

Dedication and details

Our luxury cushions are handmade with the utmost precision. With a transparent plate we choose the right piece of fabric - so that the design on every pillow and bag comes out best.

All our cushions are finished with a hidden zipper and piping. They are made to beautify your home. Unique, contemporary and stylish. Always with a touch of glamour. And with respect for the craft.

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  • Naturals

  • Sunshine

  • Tafelkleden & Lopers

Our story

We design and make luxury cushions and bags from vintage and old designer interior fabrics. From England, France and Italy.

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